Issues relating to violence in school

All those people who watch news regularly would have definitely come across school violence and its ill effects. It is been doing the rounds for quite some time now and it is also shocking to see killing, raping, bullying and violence on school campus. But does anyone know why are these things happening on a regular basis and what is the reason for it?

The people who are with these students are responsible for all these problems and the people included are parents, teachers and the school management. The whole environment surrounding ht student is violent. He sees violence in the form of action sequences in films where the kid’s favourite hero bashes up villains and glorifies violence or the video games where there is blood and violence shown in a very casual manner. Moreover, the parents are also to be blamed because they feel that their responsibility is over as soon as they send their kids to school and that the rest lies with the school teachers.

Both the parents are working nowadays and it is also justified to some extent as it is almost impossible to run the house with just one income source. And as a result they are always engaged in their work and find very little time to concentrate on their children’s activities. This causes serious issues as the kid when at times of trouble is not able to find someone to rely on. This also forces the kid to take its decisions on its own which more than often results in a disaster as it a kid cannot be expected to take wise decisions on its own.

The school teachers and the school authorities are the ones who spend lot of time with the kids after their parents and they know to some extent how the kid behaves too. But there are lot of teachers who are not really very concerned about the students and just come to school to teach and earn some money. They look at students with a financial perspective and do not get connected with them emotionally which results in depressions and isolations for kids which is ultimately resulting in school violence.

If one wants to bring a permanent halt to school violence, then the teachers must move closely with them. They should get close to students who need help and who do not have people to look after them. At the same time, parents should interact with their kids as well and try to understand their problems, if there are any. The parents must make the students feel that they are there to take care of their problems and that the kids should not be worried about it and must concentrate on their studies and future.

Teachers should also look at their students as their kids and not just students who come to school for learning purposes. They should at times also move with the students individually and if necessary give them guidance and assurances if they are going through some problems. This can bring down violence in schools to a large extent.