How movies influence a child to commit school violence

The recent increase in school violence have cause American residents to panic.  Parents are now scared to send their children to school for fear of being victimized by school violence.  What was once a safe haven for learning has turned into a warzone between violent children and other students.  As proof of to this recent thinking are recorded incidents of school violence like the Columbine High School massacre, Virginia Tech massacre and the Bath School disaster.

The increasing amount of children with violent behavior can be blamed on bad atmosphere at home, severe stress and lack of self confidence, teacher not paying attention, parents who constantly fight with one another, lack of guidance and support, feeling of being alone during times of difficulty and depression, etc.  To add to these factors, movies also increase children’s exposure to violence by showing violent scenes and sequences. 

The most important age for any person is his early childhood.  This is the part wherein a person is vulnerable to anything, and absorbs anything be it right or wrong.  This is where they learn almost everything that will eventually shape a persons very being, mentally, morally and emotionally.  Imagine a child learning ways on how to kill by simply watching a movie.  Since movies today involve new ways of killing a person, a child not knowing which is right or wrong takes it like any other lesson being given to him and learns it quickly.  They then practice this new found knowledge or skill in school and on other children.  What they don’t know, is that what they are doing is wrong and will eventually ruin their life and future.

The last question in your mind might be – what in the world can we do to bring these violent children back to the world of humanity?

Federal departments should work on an act or a bill limiting the violence shown in TV shows and movies.  Certain films and TV shows may be denied the right be released on the market if it contains a large amount of violence.  However, this will take some time and will involve a long and slow process.  For now, parents may take responsibility and limit what their children are watching.  As it is the duty of parents and schools to groom the children to have a bright future, they should take the initiative and restrict children on what they watch.  Teachers are equally responsible when it comes to child development.  They should educate children about the negative effects of watching violent films and TV shows.  Teacher should also encourage children to take up reading as a hobby or to watch knowledge related shows.  This not only gives a child a chance to develop positive attitudes, it also provides him with knowledge that he will need to survive in today’s competitive world.  With the right film, guidance, and knowledge, we can groom children in a very positive way, thus eliminating the chances that they will develop any kind of violent behavior.