Part played by movies in instigating violence in school

Parents are no longer willing to send their kids to school without taking precautionary measures as there has been an increase in the violent activities within the compounds of the school. Some of the reasons for their worry are incidents like the Columbine High school massacre, Bath School disaster, Virginia Tech massacre, etc. These incidents have stamped an authority on the fact that schools are no longer safe for children.


The increase in violence among students has been mostly because of theme being neglected by their parents and teachers, absence of love and affection, competition and peer pressure, unrealistic expectations from the parents, etc. Along with all these things movies and television shows have also be come a cause for worry as there are lot of movies and shows which have lot of violent content in them. They are in the name of innovation showing techniques of combating people physically.


Childhood is when the kid learns every possible thing in this world so it should be ensured that they are well taken care of during these years. They learn very quickly during this time and if it is violence, then they will learn it even more quickly. They see violent practices and activities on television, get attracted to it and try to do the same thing in their schools as well. These kids are very young and they cannot differentiate between the good and the bad and as a result they are also not aware of the kind of detrimental consequences these violent activities will have on their future. Do not be shocked if they sabotage their life and commit all the terrible mistakes in the world which would finally end them up in jail.


The bigger question now is what could be done to stop this?


The government should intervene in these matters and try to pass some strict laws against violent or action movies as the violent content in these movies has been on the rise for quite sometime now. But we probably would have to wait as it would take lot of time to become realistic and practical. So for the time being, the parents can play the devil’s advocate. They should not allow their kids to watch violent movies and prohibit such behaviour because it is not their choice to do so in fact it is their duty to do so. They should instead get some help from the teachers and the school and make them watch shows and programs which are fun as well as informative. Teachers should encourage good behaviour in these kids and should also make them aware of the harmful effects these violent activities could have on their future. They should encourage them to read books and get into other interesting activities. They should also encourage them to make lot of friends and do some activity on the playground as this would not only help in keeping them away from violence but will also improve their creativity and harness their talents and skills.