School Violence In-Depth Analysis

Child is the future for the parents as well for the country. Parents always have many hopes for their child. They always try to give their best to the child. Parents also make plans so they can secure the future of the child. It starts from love and affection and providing the child with a safe and secure environment.

We must assure that as parents we take few steps at home which will prevent the possibility of school violence:

ü  Maintaining a healthy and friendly atmosphere in home is very important. Kids learn from their parents. So we have to make sure to avoid any kind of domestic violence. Any kind of dispute or abuse must be stopped.  The atmosphere at home should be friendly and healthy. Kids must get proper guidance from home.

ü  Depression is a major reason of school violence. It’s very important to understand the mental status of the kids. Parents should give enough time to their kids. Proper communication and understanding can help child a lot.

ü  Observation is a very important part of understanding. Parent should keep a very close tab on their kids. Due to instability or issues kids can act strange. Parents have to understand it and communicate it with the kids. They must find out what is bothering their kid. They must guide them to right path and discuss the consequences of violence.

ü  Many times kids cannot describe the problem clearly. In those cases because of lack of experience and understanding they took wrong decision which can cause them lot of trouble. Parents must understand their kids and guide them properly.

ü  Proper security at home is also very important. Kid should feel secure at home. Parents should create atmosphere with love and affection. They should give value to their kid and must teach them the importance of family.

ü  Group influence or the influence of company is also very important fact to look after. Parents as well teachers should observe that the child should not be under influence of any bad company. They must communicate with the child and discuss the effect of bad influence. Children are not mature enough to understand difference between good and bad. Therefore it’s parents and teachers duty to make sure that they look after child’s interest and good future. They must give proper guidance and must keep a close eye on child daily activities.

ü  To keep a tab on what kind of programs a kid watch on television is a very important step to take. Parents must make sure that kids are not watching program related to vulgarism or violence. Parents also have to be extra careful about the kind of movies their kids watch. Now-a-days there are lots of computer games which have violence in it. Those can affect child. Parents must keep their kids away from those influences.

ü  It is also very important that parents must take expert advice in critical cases and handle it carefully. Practicing stress management or guidance of proper counselor can be very helpful.

Prevention of school violence will be easier and effective by taking proper and positive steps.