The Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

Do you think you would know if your child or teen was up to something illegal or dangerous? Do you believe that you would know if they were involved in gang activity? Would you know if your child was a bully? Would your son or daughter come to you if they were being bullied or beaten up at school? Most parents would answer yes to these questions, yet often times the parents of the victims as well as the parents of the kids responsible for school violence have no idea that anything is going on.

Our website is dedicated to educating parents, students and also school employees about violence in schools. This category is specifically related to topics having to do with the warning signs. By warning signs we mean signs that could help you to spot a problem more quickly, such as being able to identify a student who may planning to inflict harm on himself or someone else. We also help you to understand the warning signs of a child who is a bully as well as the signs that a child is being bullied in school. This category will also provide you with information that could help you to determine whether or not a student is involved in a gang and much more.

Even the best parents can sometimes fail to realize that their child is having a problem at school or is headed down a dangerous path. Teens especially can be evasive and hard to read and many indiscretions tend to get chalked up to typical teen angst and growing pains. This category will help you to differentiate between growing pains and a serious problem and help you know the signs of trouble before it’s too late. Our aim is to give you the tools that you need to help keep our schools safe so that children can focus on getting and education as opposed to worrying about their safety.

The topics covered in this section are geared to help you and your children identify another student or child that may be in trouble or at risk of being a victim or instigator of school violence or crime of any kind. Knowing the signs could mean life or death in some cases, so please take some time to read through the information here and discuss it with your kids whether you believe there is a problem or not.