Until the nuisance called school violence is aggressively attacked, its effects will linger long in the United States of America. Unless the destructive scourge of violence in schools receives a coordinated effort, we shall continue to play with the future and career of our students.


The under listed points are the best signals that tell of ending school violence:


1.     Home front and Inherited Violence:     Children learn fast and they hardly forget things easily. When parents fight in the presence of children every now and then, nag and nag even on minor issues, the children get used to it and emulate it as a way of life sooner than later, they too will begin to manifest the behavior.


2.     Bad Influence from Friends:   Bad gang can destroy good manner. If kids keep bad friends, the person might be initiated into same if care is not taken. The kids need to be selective in choosing friends because those friends can either drag backward or forward.


3.     Depression:   Depression can lead to frustration which in turn can lead to violence. An ever depressed child or person is a delicate person at the peak of its manifestation. Rape, theft, butting, fighting and many more social vices originated most from depressions. They can best be understood from the ugly killings in Virginia Tech School, the blood shed at Bath School and the atrocities committed in Columbine High School.


4.     Lack or Inadequate Attentions:   When children are stigmatized and left with little or no care, they tend to go wayward. Children by their nature are very tenderly and should be treated as such with love. Failure to recognize this can result in negative reactions.


5.     Deadly Weapons:   When a child is going about with any kind of weapon, it is almost certain that he/she is planning evil sooner than later.


6.     Cheap Popularity:   When a child is dreaming of being famous without corresponding hardworking, then it is very dangerous and the child should be place to close watch.


Having identified the early signals to violence, it is most important to strictly observe it so as to avoid this deadly attitude in our school system. Any occurrence of such should be treated as a national disaster as it goes beyond parents, teachers and students.


Let’s jointly embark on calculated actions that reduce school violence to the barest minimum if it cannot be eradicated.