Early warning signs for school violence



School violence is a major issue for the United States of America. This kind of violence in school is hampering the learning environment of the school. Violent students are disturbing other students. They create nuisance in the schools that in turn gives rise to various kinds of problems. They are not only playing with their future but with the future of other students as well.


There are some signs that can easily tell you that the child is becoming violent or not-

Ø      Depression- if a child is under continues depression then there are chances of developing violent attitude. Depression brings frustration and they take out this frustration in the form of violence. Violent activities can include anything like theft, bullying, rape, and fighting with children, teachers and principals. With the passage of time children have become so violent that they are even killing other students and teachers. Columbine High School massacre, Bath School disaster and Virginia Tech massacre are the kinds of incidents that had occurred in the past and a huge number of people were killed in these incidents.

Ø      Domestic violence- if children are becoming the part of domestic violence then they will incur violent attitude as well. If they see their parents fighting or abusing then they will learn violence as well. They learn violence from home and practice it in schools over other children and teachers.

Ø      Group effect- if a child’s friends are having violent attitude then he may also develop the same kind of attitude. Children learn most of the things by seeing their friends.

Ø      Fame- if a child is having desire to be famous but unable to do it by fair means then he/she will opt for some other means for becoming famous. He/she can opt for violent means as well.

Ø      Children are not getting proper love and affection- if a child is not getting proper love and affection from his/her parents and teachers then the chances of developing violent attitude are more.

Ø      Weapons- if you have seen any kind of weapon with the school children then it is giving the sign that something is wrong with the kid. Chances are there that he/she is involved in some violent activity.


These are the signs that can easily tell you about the violent attitude of the children. There is a dire need to avoid such kind of inhumane attitude. It is not only creating problem for the schools, teachers, parents and students but for the nation as well. Nation’s growth largely depends on the children and youth. If a nation has children who are having right attitude in life then the nation can think of a bright future.


So efforts should be done by nation, schools, parents and students to reduce violence in schools. It is not at all impossible to reduce school violence. It can be reduced by taking proper care of the child. Violence is something that needs to be stopped at any cost. You have to make an effort for reducing it.