Worrying trends of violence in school

School violence has been increasing in an alarming ratio in the schools of the United States of America and this has created a situation of panic for all the students and parents in the United States. More so, there are lots of students who are even afraid of going to schools now. The fear has engulfed the students so much that they are no more interested in studies and their future. The students are not the only victims here. There are lot of teachers and parents who are also getting affected by school violence. It is necessary that the teachers are also trained properly to combat this menace.


Violent students always have some excuses for their violent behaviour. They say that they are getting violent because the other person is disturbing and not letting him study or some other reason could be because they are getting disturbed by the other activities of the students. The problems just do not here. These violent students seem to have problems with people who are very silent, do not interfere in other people’s work and always stay out of the spotlight. It is not very clear as to how much do the teachers trust these students but the fact of the matter is the thinking patterns and the perceptions of the students definitely play a part in these students’s behaviour. Communicating to such students would be of no use if they have already committed themselves into the act of committing violence.


These different perceptions at times makes the students not do well in the subject which they were once really good at. The reasons for their poor performance could be the problems going through their mind. And this does not make them interested to go to school either. But parents do not understand this situation and force the kids to go to school which makes them feel irritated and disturbed and this disturbed feeling forces them to get into violence which creates huge problems for everyone around.


The other major reasons for the child becoming aggressive and violent in his behaviour are lack of self confidence and belief, fear of failing in a particular thing, the expectations surrounding him, getting very few opportunities to showcase talent, etc. These are some of the hints for the teachers to understand the kids’ problem. They should ask a few more important questions to themselves to understand the behaviour of the students. The following are some of the questions.


Why are these students disturbing classes?

To what extent is the student disturbing the class?

What are the reasons for his disinterest in studies?

What is making him feel sad?

What does he like and what does not he like?

What is he really interested in?


If you are able to find out the answers for the above mentioned questions, then it would not be very difficult for you to understand why the students are indulging violent behaviour.


It must also be noted that proper communication between the students and the teachers also plays a huge part in bringing down violence in school.


It is only after knowing all these things, a teacher can think about reducing the violent behaviour of the students.