That no one can claim to be saved any longer is confirmatory considering the widespread violence going on across the world. Reading or hearing all you need to know of the chap shooters in school is no longer news. The concern to most people as a matter of importance is how to be sensitive to the impending danger signals to watch out for when in contact with the harmful students.


This ordinarily sound too simple but in reality, it is much more difficult to filter what precisely what is going on in the mind these notorious gang on their murdering mission. The National School Safety Centre has really simplified the solution for the public use. It is of importance to be aware that the facts were gathered from recorded death as a result of school violence in the United States of America as far back as July 1992 up till now.


The severity of school violence has so degenerated to the level that one needs to carefully study the under listed recommendations in relation to the proceedings and ways one can apply to stop it:

1.          The person that has the historic background of drugs or alcohol. This extends to the ones that live on drug while in school.

2.          Abandoned/neglected person during childhood.

3.          Person who uses abusive languages, calling names, etc.

4.          A very depressed person every now and then.

5.          Someone who has often been identified with different anti-social groups or likes or gangs.

6.          His favorite magazine or novel title is crime, was rape and other violent that category.

7.          Historically, the person in question must have brought some kind of weapon while in school.

8.          With little or no reason, the person delights in cursing.

9.          It has become habitual of the person treating violence when angry.

10.      This person is in conflict with his/her parents or family member.

11.      Habitually, the person is addicted to watching movies, games and other serially violent films.

12.      The person is naturally and uncontrollably aggressive.

13.      Watch out if the person is wicked to the animals.

14.      When in school, the person expressed violent them either in writing or essay forum.

15.      While in childhood, the person is not cared for.


The above list of character is endless when finding a school shooter. As the list assist is in telling the prospect of a person likely to be violent in future, life can be stopped is a timely action is taking to preempt him/her. To effectively curb the violence acts in school, students psychology must be well understood.