School Violence and How They Affect the Students

There is no doubt that School Violence is a dreadful thing to the teachers, the school management but more dreadful and terrifying to other innocent students. The violent students scare the innocent ones so much so that some of them become afraid to go to the school. They are scared to go to school and be bullied, insulted or receive the beatings of their life. The violent students on the other hand stroll freely in the school premises with air of arrogance and pride, feeling like villain star on a movie scene. This is indeed a very serious issue. If this menace keeps going unchecked, then the education of our children will be at stake.    


At times the violence becomes so alarming that even the school authority is being terrified by such students. There were reported cases where the violence is said to have claimed the lives of students, some teachers and the principal.


It is clear that the dimension, that the school violence incidence is taking, it requires complete eradications by employing several steps. These steps are discussed below.

  1. Counseling – The child with the violent trait needs to be counseled by the teachers who are in good position to do that, for their closeness with such a child. The parents should also engage themselves in the counseling exercise. This method is highly effective and should be taken with all seriousness.
  2. Weapons – The school authority should collaborate with the security out fit of the school, in vigilante spirit, to check and identify the students carrying weapons. Any student that is caught with such weapons should be dealt with in accordance with the provision of the law of the land to serve as deterrent to others.
  3. It is highly recommended that provision should be made in the law against perpetrators of school violence, such that the punishment will be severe enough for the students to be scared of being caught with weapons or perpetrating violence.
  4. The security personnel should carry out systematic routing checks periodically with a view to catching students that have weapons in their possession.
  5. The children need to be given enough love, affection, compassion and appreciation, as it was revealed that a child becomes prone to violence as a result of dejections.
  6. The parents should screen the types of films they bring home. The Action Pack movies have the negative tendencies of instilling in the child violent traits. Excessive exposure to these films definitely gives them misleading values. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that the films the children are allowed to watch are not those that are full of violence, other wise they tend to pick the violent actions they see on the screen and apply it to real life.
  7. The psychiatrists do give valuable tips on how to convert the violent trait the child developed. Consider giving them a try, they normally offer a lot of assistance that will lead to the child regaining his normalcy.
  8. There are sites on the internet that provide tangible information on how to convert violent trait in a child. All you have to do is sign up with them and receive useful information that relates to school violence and child rehabilitation.

The above steps will no doubt assist in eliminating School Violence completely if followed carefully. It is highly recommended that they should be tried as they would surely work wonderfully.