School Violence Leads To Violent Crime

History of the United States of America is a proof of numerous school violence. If we look back we can see the amount and seriousness of such incidents. This not only raised a serious concern but created urgency also. We can get all statistics and details related to school violence on internet.

                We all are aware about the incidents of school violence. The incidents are so horrific that it makes us to think about it. The violence often reached to a state when dangerous weapons are used. Deadly weapons like knife and guns became a familiar object inside school campus. The violent kids are not only threatening or beating but situation is getting as serious as killing. The future of innocent kids is also in danger due to school violence. The incidents are not uncommon when kids refuse to go back to school after they face school violence.

It is the duty of teachers and parents to take appropriate measures to prevent this situation. Incidents like this not only affecting the future of the students but also spoiling the image of the school. School violence rate is increasing every day and if we fail to eliminate it then it will create a huge impact on our nation’s future.

The precaution or measures that can be taken to stop school violence:

ü  Parents should make sure they provide a healthy atmosphere with love and affection in the house. But at the same time they must not spoil the kids. Parents must make sure that they have time for their kids.

ü  School can always arrange for professional sessions which can help students to come out of the violent behavior. Classes like meditation, stress-management, and anger-management can help the students. School authority also can arrange for professional councilor. This can help teachers and parents also to know the mental health of the child and get professional help to handle the critical situation.

ü  It’s very important that parents support their kids at time of difficulties. Often children cannot explain the difficulty properly and isolate themselves. In those cases they handle the situation with lack of experiences. Parents must identify the issues which might bothering the kids and guide them properly.

ü  Parents should keep their child away from external bad influences. This includes wrong company. It’s very important that they communicate with the child about the consequences. Another very influential matter would be television. Parents must check on the programs their kid watch. They must keep their child away from any kind of abusive, violent or vulgar programs. Now-a-days Computer games and movies can be influential to kids. Parents must keep an close eye on those things too.

ü  Teachers also need to be proactive and must reach to the students. At difficult times they must give the student special attention.

ü  Parents as well teachers must make sure the stress level is not influencing the kid. The expectation level from the children should be according to their ability.

It is a complex procedure but it’s the duty of the parents and teachers that they take these measures to ensure the safety of the kids.