Violence in schools – A hindrance to the elementary education

One of the major problems in the world that draws everyone’s attention is the school violence. Not just in America, school violence is the hot topics of discussion in many other countries as well.   


Public Elementary schools are the very first stages in school education and reports show that school violence starts at this age. Though they do not use any equipments or weapons to fight, small petty fights starting with expressing in words can lead to severe consequences.


 The origin of this kind of behavior is usually from the television. The children simply simulate what they see on the TV’s. World wide wresting federation is one such show.  The children’s mindset gets adversely affected by these shows. Parental guidance is generally advised to some violent shows and it’s the sole duty of the parents to be there for the children. Not just the TV shows but also by watching any violent acts can change the mindset of the children. Reports show that most of the children’s odd behavior is because of the environment at home. Family issues and fights should be resolved without the children knowing anything of it because they tend to react like those they watch as they grow.


A proper family background and a teacher in a family can help minimize this behavior in children. Moral support is required as children grow up and it is important to learn good things at early age to develop proper understanding and character. The future of the children lies in the hands of the parents. It is advised that the moves of the children are monitored and if anything suspicious is found, the parents should react immediately in changing the environment. Friends circle also plays a role in shaping of ones character. It should also be taken care of by the parents.


Comparison of public versus private elementary schools can say which one is better than the other. Statistics show that public schools shows high percentage of violence as compared to private.  The stats are 76% of school violence in the public schools where as in private it is 62%.


The abnormality in the behavior of the children in the public elementary schools is 32.4% where as the value in private sector is only 22% reported by one of the organizations of Florida. This organization is not a government organization. The reports of the organization are produced considering the teacher’s report of children’s behavior in school. Though the reports infer that there is not much difference between public elementary and private elementary schools, the public elementary schools need more attention to stabilize the stats.  It is strange to see that the teacher’s reports provided by the organization revealed that there are overall 64.7% of cases registered in the public elementary schools but the actual stats are something different. Surveys of parents of affected children revealed that the problems between the peer members in the schools are at a high number of 93.6% which is showing a huge difference.