In depth view of school violence


School violence is becoming terrible in the United States of America. Children are becoming violent and they are using weapons in school like knives, guns etc. They are troubling not only students but teachers and school staff as well. Violent students are disturbing their career and the career of other children as well.


Children are getting violent due to several reasons-

·        Severe depression- in this era people are having large amount of tensions. Children are also having great tensions and these tensions take the form of depression if they are not solved. Depression gives rise to violence among children.

·        Effect of films- films are showing violence. Children are watching these kinds of films and learning violence from them. Open use of weapons like knives and guns are shown in the films and they learn the use of such dreadful weapons from there.

·        Illegal selling of weapons- this illegal selling of weapons have made it easy for the children to access weapons. They buy weapons from the illegal source and use them in school to threaten and bully other children.

·        Home environment- large numbers of parents do not think about their kids and they start fighting in front of their kids. They beat and say abusive language to each other in front of them. Children learn such kind of attitude from them and then they show this kind of attitude in school. They learn abusive language from home and then use this language at school. If parents are beating their children at home then also they will incur violence in their attitude.

·        No support and assistance- if a child is facing difficulty and has no assistance and guidance then he/she will get frustrated. This frustration will lead to violence in the child.

·        Group effect- in the young or teen age group effect is very prominent on children. They copy the attitude of their friends and if their group members are having violent attitude then they learn that kind of attitude from them.

·        Lack of proper love and affection- if a child is not given proper love and affection during his/her childhood then this will incur violent attitude in them.


If you want to cure this violent attitude then it can be done by taking proper steps. It is difficult to change the child’s nature but it is not at all impossible. By adopting following measures you can do it-

·        By giving proper love and affection to the child.

·        By giving children proper assistance and guidance during difficulties.

·        By giving them the environment of proper love and comfort in the home.

·        Check the kind of films and TV shows they are watching. It should not include any kind of violent activity.


Children are the future of the nation and it is the duty of the parents, schools and teachers to give them the right kind of attitude and environment so that they are able to develop themselves in an effective manner.