Symptoms indicating the chances of violence in school

Violence in school is becoming a bog headache for America. This violence is damaging the atmosphere of the school. This violence is affecting the non-violent students. The violent students spread havoc in school which affects everyone around. They are not just damaging their future but also the career of other students.


The following are some of the symptoms through which one can make out whether kid are becoming violent or not:


Ø  Stress and depression: If you see the kid depressed and sad, then the violent behaviour of his can erupt anytime. Violence helps to vent out the stress and depression out of a person. Violence could be anything from threatening, raping fellow students or teachers, damaging school property, bullying fellow students, etc. This violence has gone upto such a level that, there are killings of teachers and students happening on campus as well. Some very prominent examples to prove this fact are Virginia Tech massacre, Columbine High School massacre, Bath school disaster, etc.

Ø  Violence at home: If you kids are indulging in violent activities at home, then they can very well show violence outside as well. They learn very quickly when they see their parents indulging in violence at home. They practice this violence in school on their friends and teachers.

Ø  Team effect: If the friends of our kids are violent, then your child might become violent as well. Children learn new things from their friends very quickly.

Ø  Popularity: If your child always wants to be the center of attraction but is not able to get that through fair means, then he might resort to violence as it gives him popularity very quickly.

Ø  Absence of love and affection:  If the kids feel that they are not loved and well taken care of by their parents and teachers, then that might lead to violent behaviour in them.

Ø  Arms: If you by chance come across violent stuff in your kids bag or in their room, then it means that your kids are either indulged in violence already or planning to get into one in the future.


These are some indications of violent behaviour in children. These things should be stopped as soon as possible. These activities are not only a cause of worry for the kids, school or the parents but it is affecting the nation at large. Children and youngsters are the pillars of any country. Only if the students are proper, the nation can think of having a bright for itself.


So there should be different things tried by both the school members and the parents to bring down these activities of violence to a halt and put their kids on a peaceful and non violent path.

There is nothing impossible in this world and bringing a stop to school violence falls in the same category as well. Violent children can be brought under control if they are well take n care of and treated with love and affection. Parents should bring a stop to violence in school as soon as possible and they can adopt any methods to do so unless and until they are not violent and illegal.