School Violence Cases that Made the News

This category takes a look at the cases of school violence that have made the news over the years. With the amount of stories we see on TV or read about in the newspapers you can’t help but wonder what this world has come to. It may seem as though our schools are not safe anymore and the images we see from incidents like Columbine stay with us and our children every day. As much as school violence may be in the news though, it’s important to understand that such extreme cases are actually quite rare in our schools.

While this category will take an in-depth look at cases like Columbine, Virginia Tech and other extreme cases of school violence, it can’t be stressed enough that these cases are few and far between and not the norm. We want to educate parents, teachers and children on school violence and all the things related to it, such as bullying, gang activity and weapons in schools. Our intent is to raise awareness and offer you ways to get involved and make a difference—not scare you or your children about school.

Taking a look at the school violence in the news is a way of learning about certain warning signs that were missed that may have prevented these events if noticed sooner. These cases also offer you an opportunity to talk to your kids about the issues they face today so that you can be an involved parent that they can come to if they’re in trouble. Along with covering these cases in the news in this category we also offer you advice on how to speak to your kids about school violence, how to put their minds at ease about the horrible images that they have seen on TV or online about these cases as well as how to keep themselves safe and on the right path.

We hope that you will find this category and the website overall to be informative and helpful to you and your children. Being aware and involved as well as armed with the right tools and information could make all of the difference in the world to your child. We hope that this site helps you make that difference.