School Violence Examples

School violence is an issue that most schools in United States of America are faced with. The school authorities are finding it very difficult to cope with the students who are misled by a number of factors influencing school violence. And United States of America stands on the top spot in terms of number of reported cases of school violence in the entire continent of North America. Listed below in this article are some of the examples of school violence that happened in this country in the past.


The first example would be the Bath Township incident which happened way back in 1927. Though this incident happened in the yesteryears, it is still fresh in minds of most of the people simply because of the severe impacts and aftermaths of that incident. It was the 18th of May and it was quite a sunny day. Three bombings ripped through the Bath Township in Michigan killing at least fifty people and injuring another sixty. The disturbing fact about this incident was that most of the killed victims were small children who were in the age range of 7-12 years. When investigation was carried out to find out the culprit, it was revealed that a person named Andrew Kehoe was the mastermind behind this incident.


Andrew Kehoe was the administrator of a school in the town and he was terribly upset on the high property tax imposed on his school buildings. In order to vent his emotions he decided to blow his own school and succeeded as well. This case of school violence was not the mistake of any bully children or affected children. It was a simple case of money and other fiscal issues which resulted in such a terrible incident. On his part, Andrew Kehoe killed himself along with his wife.


The next example of school violence would be the Columbine High School massacre which happened in the year 1999. There were two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. These two students were victims of bullying and physical abuse by the others around him. And as we all know students are not the ones who can remain subdued or dominated all the time and it was natural for them to explode violently. They did so and on the 20th April of 1999 by killing 13 people (12 students and one school staff) and injuring another 25 people and finally killing themselves with the revolvers they possessed. This is a prime example of the effects of school violence. They could not tolerate being dominated by other students and this incident had to happen because the school authorities did not care much about bullying and physical abuse happening in their school.


Another example about school violence is the Virginia Tech massacre which happened in the year 2007 where two Korean students gave vent to their emotions by killing other American students in the school because they were always harassed and abused by the American students. There are many more examples of school violence but I guess it is enough for people to understand the importance of eradicating school violence.