Examples of school violence



School violence is becoming a huge problem in the United States of America. This violence has created havoc in the Americans. People are sending their kids to school so that they can study and can make their future bright. But school violence is hampering their child’s education. Children are scared of going to school because of this kind of violence occurring in schools.


School violence includes bullying, fighting with teachers and children, rape, threatening them, harassing other children and even killing teachers, students and principal. Easy availability of weapons have made easier for the kids to access weapons and they are using these weapons in schools to harass, threat or kill other students and teachers.


History is having large number of examples of school violence out of them Columbine High School incident, Bath School Disaster, Virginia Tech massacre and University of Texas massacre are the famous incidents. They are the kind of incidents which had created headlines in the newspapers.


On 18 May 1927, three bombings occurred in Bath Township, in Michigan, USA. These three bombings killed almost forty five people and fifty eight other people were injured. Among the people who were killed most of them were children who were in between the age of seven to twelve. Andrew Kehoe was the person who was responsible for these three bombings. He was upset because of the property tax that had been imposed on the school building. Andrew Kehoe killed his wife in the morning. After that he set farm on fire. An explosion occurs in the school building and killed many people. Kehoe killed himself with the help of bomb.


Columbine High School massacre incident took place in the year 1999. Two students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed one teacher and twelve students. Not only this, twenty one other people were also injured and 3 were injured when they were trying to escape. After doing all this both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed suicide. It is considered to be the fourth dreadful school massacre incident in the history of the United States of America.


These kinds of incidents are not only harming students and parents but they are harming schools reputation and government as well. It is the responsibility of the schools and teachers to create youth with good intellectual knowledge and with a right and genuine attitude. But if the kids are having such kind of violent attitude then it is a question mark on the credibility of schools and on the accountability of the people who are teaching them.


House environment is also equally responsible for creating kids with violent attitude. So it is the duty of the parents to provide proper love and affection to the children. They should not fight, beat or use any kind of abusive language in front of kids. Children learn things very quickly and if they will see such kind of violence then they will learn it too. So avoid such kind of things at home and try to give proper care and compassion to children.