The Cases of School Violence in Public Elementary School

The incidence of school violence the world over is becoming an issue that attracts global attention. It is a problem that is experienced all over the world. It has become more disheartening as the cases of violence in elementary schools are slowly emerging. At this level, it manifests itself largely in the form of address with vulgar and insulting words and hostility against the victim that may result to physical harm.


The kids become aggressive largely as a result of watching movies and playing games that portray aggression. Such movies have some kind of influencing powers to the fertile and magnetic mind of a child. Excessive exposure to this kind of films and games makes the child pick the aggression habit and eventually exhibit it against fellow children. Another factor that causes that is a situation whereby the child is exposed to aggression at home. The way the parents show violent behavior to each other or one of the parents showing it to the other is likely to result to making the children pick the violent habit they see their parents exhibiting. Actions and words stick to the mind of the child like pieces of iron sticks to a magnet. They are expressed quite naturally as the child interacts with other children.


The solution to those problems is simple and straight forward. First of all stop the child from watching films that are violent oriented as well as playing such games. Provide the child with films and games that will instill in him moral values, with a view to making him pick the correct code of conduct that will eventually make him a responsible and socially fit gentle man. The same applies to your behavior at home; refrain from showing aggression to each other. Rather concentrate on trying to be a role model to the children and behave in a way that will show positive trend of behavior. In a situation that the child is observed to interact with children of poor manners, quick isolation of the child from the group may save the situation. Some times you may resort to changing the school for the child.


In comparism terms, public elementary schools are more prone to violence than the private elementary schools. The current statistics shows that in the public elementary schools, 76% rate of physical violence is recorded in public elementary schools while the rate in private secondary schools is 62%.


In Florida, a non governmental organization conducted a study based on the information obtained from the teachers of the schools concerned, and come up with a report. The report shows that the children observed with abnormal behavior in public elementary schools are 32.4% and those with same in private elementary schools are 22%.


The two elementary schools have experienced the cases of violence in their premises; however, the rate experienced in private schools is a little bit less than the one we see in

Public elementary schools. It is indeed our hope that the numerous steps taken by different classes of the stake holders will in no time combat the situation so that the elementary schools of our children may be peaceful and conducive for learning.