School violence columbine

Schools were regarded as the safest place for the young ones in the previous days. However, the situation has changed today. Nowadays, one cannot even rely on schools as the safest place because of the increasing school violence on a daily basis. Children are seen getting violent and it has an impact on other kids, as well. It troubles the life of another student, teachers, principals and parents, as well.

You will get to see numerous instances in the history that demonstrates the ghastliness of school violence. Based on those incidents, Columbine High School Violence was a breath taking and the most excruciating event.

This event occurred in Columbine High School, Colorado. It was 20th April 1999, when 2 children named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold heartlessly killed 12 children and 2 teachers who belonged to their school. Apart from this, they also caused great injury to 21 other students, as well. 3 other individuals were injured in this process while making an effort to escape from the location. After this terrific tragedy, both Eric H and Dylan K committed suicide.

There are many such events such as the Bath School Disaster that took place in the year 1927. Another is the Virginia Tech Massacre that occurred in the 2007 and the one that occurred in the Texas University in 1996. These are some of the most horrible school happenings.

There are many reasons as to why the children resort to get violent each day. They do it just for the sake of popularity or fame. It is a mean for them to come across the world by some or the other way. They feel that all should know them. In this era, children are given great exposure and nothing, else but only this great exposure is responsible for the violent behavior in the kids. Above all, violence is strongly shown in films and cinemas. They are highly exposed to television and hence try to imitate the same in the school atmosphere. They also do have an easy access to the weapons. They purchase these terrible weapons and utilize it to threaten the other children as well as the school staff. The group members of these violent children also strongly support their violent behavior and thereby, play a vital role in escalating their negative thoughts and interests. In case of girls, they do express their feelings or emotions by crying; however, what about boys? They cannot cry, and so they express their feelings via violence. Such violence then generates fright in the other individuals.

Hence, proper steps need to be taken by the teachers, parents and the school to minimize the intensity of violent attitudes amongst the kids. If such attitude is not ceased overtime, then it will go on escalating and generate great problems thereafter. One can reduce such kinds of thoughts and attitudes by giving the child proper affection, care and compassion. Meditation can help benefit the child, to a great extent in decreasing the feelings of this violent attitude. By practicing it, they will feel highly satisfied as well as relaxed. So, come on let us start helping such kids.