Details of a shooter on campus

The fact of the matter is that it is not only the hardcore professionals shooters who have been plaguing the country of United States of America but there are also lot of students who are involved with guns and arms. This is not only shocking but also very frightening.


All these facts and information makes us wonders why are these students getting into this mess o why are these students treading on the path of danger and violence when they should have been concentrating on academics and thinking about their future and career goals.


The questions that were asked in the previous paragraph are something that the parents and teachers are asking and answers to which they have still not got. Eventhough no one has really been very successful in finding out what the reasons clearly are, the findings have claimed that there is not just one reason but a multiple number of factors behind school violence. A perfect example would be a kid using guns. There could be many reasons behind him taking that drastic step. The depression and stress surrounding him could be one of the reasons. The pressure from their parents and the not so friendly or affable behaviour of he teachers could also be another reason.


The world today is very fast and competitive and every parent and children are trying their best to live up to the needs of the changing environment. The environment is not only taxing the parents but it si having its effects on the kids as well. Job s are being cut down, not new jobs are showing up are some of the reasons for the stress. The student knows what he is good at and tries to do things which he would find comfortable doing but the parents do not help here and try to force children do things which everyone else is doing. This finally ends up in creating lot of stress and depression for the kids. And that frustration finally results in him taking weapons in his hand and throwing out his depression and stress on the people around.


Teachers are also at times blamed for the violent behaviour of the kids, the way the parents are blamed. Teachers at times so harsh at critical to their kids that they do not even care what kind of repercussions that behaviour would have on the kids. There are also some teachers who are biased towards some children and completely neglect the other students making the other student feel even hurt and bad.


Therefore it is quite clearly proved that there are lots of things that contribute to the violent behaviour of the students and it also makes pretty clear that if proper steps are taken then the problem could be solved. School violence should be brought to a halt by implementing all these different options available at the disposal of the teachers and the parents.


Teachers should understand the psyche of the students and plan their course of action. It is only by this way that violence in school can be stopped and the so called school shooter can be nabbed at the right moment.