Shooting incidents at school

It’s necessary to control the kids from beginning and divert their minds to positive things so as to prevent violent behavior among them and prevent school shooting.


The United States of America is witnessing increase in number of school shooting incidents everyday. There are numerous such incidents throughout history when school students wreaked havoc by indulging in school violence and even killed fellow students and teachers!


Violent students commit murder, threaten, bully and fight with their fellow school children and even teachers. Weapons like guns and knives are used for such incidents.


One of the most dreadful incidents of school violence is Columbine High School massacre in year 1999.  One teacher and twelve students were killed and 21 others were injured by two students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who later on killed themselves.


In another such gruesome incident, forty five people were killed and fifty eight were injured in three bombings that took place in Bath Township, in Michigan, USA in 1927. This bombing incident was planned by student Andrew Kehoe.


The list of such horrific incidences goes on and on where violent students killed numerous fellow students and teachers. Such inhumane acts of violence must be tackled by schools and every possible step must be taken to prevent them.


There are some necessary steps that must be taken by parents and teachers in order to prevent violent behavior among children.


  1. The child must be given atmosphere of love and comfort at house, which is the first home of the child. Further, the school is second home for the child and he/she must be given due care, love and compassion to avoid violent behavior in the school. For such kind of behavior, love is the best treatment that can be given. The violent attitude can also be reduced by providing proper love, care and affection to the child.                                                                                                                                   
  2. Counseling: The harmful effects of such violent behavior must be explained properly to the children. They should be taught the advantages of peaceful behavior and disadvantages of violent behavior. It must be taught to them that the act of hurting or killing any other living being is inhumane and such acts must not be committed.                                                                                                                             
  3. Conflict management classes: It’s the responsibility of the schools to arrange conflict management classes regularly. The students must be taught the ways to resolve fights in a peaceful manner rather than hurting each other physically.             
  4. Regular counseling sessions: Counselor or psychiatrists can be appointed on regular basis that can provide relevant guidance and counseling to those in need. The degree of violent attitude in the child can be gauged by certain tests and relevant help can be given to the child to reduce the violent behavior.
  5. Don’t leave children alone at the time of difficulty: Children should not be left alone in case of any difficult situation. Inability to resolve the issue may lead to frustration and violent behavior may creep in.                                                                                     

The violent attitude in the child can be controlled by the parents and teachers. They need to pay enough attention at suitable time to the child and thus preventing any incidence of school shooting.