School Violence, some examples

There are numerous examples of school violence throughout USA. Try to contain violent attitude of the child with proper love and care.


The United States of America is grappling with a serious issue, that of school violence. This violence has devastated the Americans. Kids are sent to schools by their parents in the hope that they would study and make their future bright. But the child’s education is getting ruined by school violence. This kind of violence is scaring the children from going to school.


There are many incidents that constitute school violence - bullying, fighting with teachers and children, rape, threatening them, harassing other children and even killing teachers, students and principal. Kids can lay hands on weapons easily due to easy availability of weapons. Such weapons are used in schools by the kids to trouble their fellow school mates, threatening or killing fellow students and teachers.


Columbine High School incident, Bath School Disaster, Virginia Tech massacre and University of Texas massacre are some of the most famous incidents of school violence out of long history of school violence. Such incidents have created big headlines in the newspapers.


Three bombings took place in Bath Township, in Michigan, USA on 18 May 1927. Almost forty five people were killed and another fifty eight other people were injured in these bombings. Among those killed, majority of them were children aged between seven and twelve years. The person behind that cruel bombing episode was Andrew Kehoe. The property tax that had been imposed on the school building had upset him. First he killed his wife in morning, and then set his farm on fire. After that he exploded bombs in the school campus which killed many people. Then he took his own life with a bomb.


Another gruesome incident, Columbine High School massacre took place in year 1999. One teacher and twelve students were killed by two students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Along with this, they injured twenty one other people and three others got injured making an effort to escape. Both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed suicide after the shocking incident. This massacre is considered fourth most terrible school massacre incident in the history of the United States of America.


Apart from harming students and parents, such incidents harm school reputation and the governments as well. Thus the schools and teachers own a responsibility to provide youth with good intellectual knowledge and with a right and genuine attitude. However credibility of schools and the accountability of the teachers of such students are under doubt if still the child is displaying rude and violent behavior.


Violent behavior in kids can also be attributed to the environment at home. Thus the duty of parents is also paramount. They need to provide proper love and affection to their kids. It must be taken due care that they do not fight or use abusive language in front of their children. This is because children learn things quickly. If they see any violence, they would surely take that too! Thus it must be ensured to avoid such acts at home and proper care and love must be given to children.