The Effective Steps the School Authority Should Take to Prevent he Occurrence of School violence in a Non Affected School

The incidence of school violence we witnessed or hear of is indeed terrible and cause panic to many people especially the parents, the teachers as well as the school authorities of the schools that are not affected. This looming menace has created a need to prevent it from occurring in the so- far- safe- schools. So what can a school administrator do to prevent his school from experiencing the terror? This fundamental question is considered below by outlining some effective measures to be taken to prevent the out break of violence in any school. This piece is compiled with reference to the tips enlisted in Copper wiki, an online non-governmental organization, accessible at       


It is sad that we some times allow the worse to happen before we begin to take stopping security measures, as an after math approach. Or in the schools that have not experienced violence before, the emphasis is usually laid on the security, forgetting other vital areas that require equal attention. Let us consider these areas that are often given less attention.


The problem requires that the stake holders of the matter, including the school authorities along side the teachers, the parents and the members of the community to come together and put all hands on deck to collectively prevent the occurrence of violence in their school.


The approach required to help the children with violence tendencies or other psychological problems are as discussed below.


Academic Wise: The students should have good academic plans that will absorb their concentration and give them some confidence with a view to making them excel academically.


Involve Families: The parents should be actively engaged in the process of developing and growing the school to a higher level.


Community Development: The students should be engaged in the community development programs. Involvement into programs such as community police, support services and religious services are good approach to helping the students over come depression.


Students-Staff-Relationship: The time required to interact freely with the students is a good venture, as their problems could be solved easily that way. Their fears and anxieties will be reduced considerably by this approach.


Respect to Students: The students should be treated in a fair play manner. Avoid preferential treatments and prejudice.


There should be a special rehabilitation program aim at giving the neglected and the abused student some hope and self esteem.


Help the children to create future plans, develop the talent and skills. 


These are the programs that are required to be put in place to, along side the security measures to ensure that the occurrence of violence is prevented from such schools. All they need is complete application, and they will prevent the incidence of violence. Fortunately, as we can see, they are simple and straight forward to implement.