Columbine school violence


Schools were considered to be the safe place for kids but today they are not considered to be safe as school violence is increasing on the regular basis. Kids are becoming violent and they are troubling the life of other school kids, principals and parents too.
A very large number of examples are available in the history that shows the dreadfulness of school violence. Among these incidents Columbine high school violence was the most painful incident.
This incident took place in Columbine High School near Colorado. On 20th April in the year 1999, two students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed one teacher and twelve students. Not only this, they have injured twenty one other students also. Three other people got injured as well while they were trying to escape. Both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed suicide after this.
Other incidents like Bath School disaster that had occurred in the year 1927, Virginia Tech massacre in the year 2007 and the incident that took place in University of Texas massacre in the year 1996 are among the terrible school incidents.
There are large numbers of reasons because of which students are becoming violent day by day. They are doing it because of fame as they want to be famous in schools. They want that everybody should know them. A large amount of exposure is given to children in this era and this exposure is increasing this kind of violent behavior. Violence is being showed in films and movies and they practice this violence in their schools too. Kids can access weapons easily. They buy these dreadful weapons and use them for threatening kids and other school staffs. Group members of these violent kids also support their violent behavior and play an important role in increasing their negative interests. Girls can express their emotions and feelings by crying but what about boys? They do not cry. Rather than crying they express their emotions through violence. This violence than creates panic among other people.
Steps should be taken by schools, teachers and parents to reduce such kind of violent attitude. If this kind of attitude is not stopped on proper time then it will keep on increasing and will create problems in future. This kind of attitude can be reduced by giving proper compassion and love. Mediation can help a lot in reducing this violent attitude. By practicing mediation a child will be relaxed and satisfied.
Schools should arrange workshop on conflict resolution and anger management. These kinds of workshops will help children in reducing their violent behavior. Violent children feels that only way for resolving conflict is by getting physical but after attending the workshop on conflict management they will know other ways of solving conflicts as well. Family plays a very important role in every individual’s life. So if a child is having large amount of violent attitude then he/she needs proper family support. This family support will help a lot in decreasing the violent attitude of the child.