Incidents Related to School Violence

One of the biggest concerns of the United States of America is school violence. All over the country numerous schools are affected by school violence. Innocent students are hurt. Often it went up to the extent of use of dangerous weapons and killing. Sometime it traumatized children so much that they refused to go back to school. It became major concern among teachers, parents and higher authority because it related to the future of the students.

Use of lethal weapons inside school campus is not a new incident any more. This also raises concern about the availability and accessibility of those weapons by minors. Life threatening, beating, theft became common incidents. The incident even rose up to mass killing. Not only the innocent students but the teachers, staffs even principal are targeted and killed by school violence.

We do not have to look far back to history to find a school violence incident. There are numerous incidents and then there are some unforgettable incidents like Bath School Disaster, Columbine High School incident, University of Texas massacre and Virginia Tech massacre. We all can remember the tragic news of those incidents. The kind of news we never expected to come across.

ü  One of the infamous incident happened in the campus of Columbine High School in 1999. The news of 13 killed including one teacher and 12 innocent students while 23 injured, shook the country. Two violent students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went on a killing spree. At the end they killed themselves. According to the report and statistics, the incident is the 4th on the United States of America’s school violence history.

ü  Bombing inside the campus of Bath School in Bath Township, Michigan on 18th may 1927 was deadliest one. 45 were killed while another 58 was injured due to 3 bombing. And the most tragic part of the incident was most of the victims were children of 7 to 12 age group. Andrew Kehoe, the owner of the property was the person behind the incident. Dispute regarding property tax made him upset and violent enough to kill his wife and set his farm on fire before he exploded 3 bomb inside school campus. He also killed himself with bomb. The incident raised real concern about the safety of child inside school.

These kinds of incidents are not to be neglected any more. We cannot avoid them by saying it’s an isolated incident. These incidents even have impact on the government. School is a place to learn, a place where we build our future. Future of the country depends on the ability of its children. We have to create safe and secure environment for study. If the child is in constant fear of violence, it will disturb his/her concentration to study.

Therefore the higher authority and teachers must make sure that students feel safe inside the school campus. Teacher must communicate with students to find out any disturbance.

Home atmosphere is equally important as Parents must provide loving and caring surrounding. Parents must take care of the needs and daily activities.