Effects of School Violence on Students

Without any doubt School violence is a very critical issue for teachers and parents but it’s the other students who get affected by the situation most. The violent student creates a very difficult situation for other students.  The violation often reaches to a point when they use dangerous weapons like knife or gun. They use these weapons to threaten or to beat other students. This behavior creates fear among other students and often they try to avoid attending school.

The violent child harms not only the students and teachers but they create trouble for school’s environment. The violation can even reach up to school principal or higher authority. If we look back, we can find numerous cases where the student violation caused life of principle, teachers and students.

Proper steps can prevent these violent situations. We can take the following measures to prevent it:

ü  Proper guidance and counseling by teachers are very important. Teacher and observe the students and they can guide them in a proper way. They can even communicate with the parents and can arrange a regular session of discussion.

ü  Proper and effective security measures should be taken by schools against weapons. No weapons should be allowed inside the school campus. The law should be iron-clad and there must not be any violation. Regular checkup and proper security policies should be implied. Strict action should be taken on violation of the rule. It’s also duty of parents to make sure that child to not get access to the dangerous weapons.

ü  Teachers and Parents alike proper care must be taken for each and every child. If any child needs extra attention, it must be provided. Parents must form their expectation according to the ability of the child.

ü  Parents should control and keep a close eye on the programs watched by the child. Watching too much violence can make a wrong impression on a child’s mind. Teacher will also try to guide the students by providing valuable inputs about the kind of program to be watched. Teacher can discuss about this with parents if required.

ü  Parents and teachers can always take help of internet. In this fast world all information and statistics are just a click away. So information regarding student violence and ways to handle it in proper manner are also very much within the reach.

ü  In case of special cases or critical issues help of experts can be taken. Children often have very complex problems which can lead them to behave violently. These cases must be handled with extra care, which case help of psychiatrists or even counselor can be taken.

Love, affection and understanding are the main medicine for violence behavior. Hence special measures must be taken in this case. Proper and effective guideline must be provided. If children need extra care it must be given. We have to make sure that they do not spoil their future by going into the wrong direction of violence. We can secure the future of our country by securing our children’s future.