As the school violence is increasingly growing into a monster all over the United States of America, its corresponding fear has so much envelop everyone without exception. The same fear of violence has completely dominated the minds of student that they are considering doing something else rather than go to school. Worst still those who summon enough courage to go are not going with their entire mind any longer. It has reached the level where none of the parents or government, teacher or school administrator can pretend of its presence. One of the ways to curb the social vice is our midst to train and retrain the teachers for them to be equipped enough to uproot the indecent.


Naturally, violent students will always have one complain or the other against his/her fellow students. In nearly all cases, it is either the violence student is growing uncomfortable in the class because he feels his fellows gazed at him for too long. On the other hand, the innocent students are gripped with fear that they are sitting next to “time bomb”. The story has not ended, even the implicit students poses threat to the violent students. This may sound too simple but the fact remains that inner thoughts and individual views of situations can be one of the reasons decent students embrace violence. At that level, effective communication is of no use to him anymore.


To have more insight to the bad behavior in kiddies, just imagine a scenario where a student fails in learning what he considered to be his/her favorite subject all because of fear and tension. Thereafter, he decided not to come to school anymore. If he ever comes reluctantly may be by force or persuasions he becomes a nuisance to himself and his mates. If care is not taken, he receives initiation into gang or violent group.


Furthermore, very many other reasons that could make a child notorious are: A sense of inferiority complex, eroded confidence, anxieties in ability to fully express capabilities.

How best the teacher can help the students out by honestly provide self answers to the under listed bulging questions:

1.          What is the level/frequency of the student disturbance in the class?

2.          What are the reasons behind the disturbance in the class?

3.          What makes him/her uninteresting in her learning?

4.          What piss off from others/mates?

5.          What turns him on and off?

6.          In what are does he has affinity?


Finding out objective answers to the above question will inevitably assist any teacher to understand any child behavior; hence take necessary steps to neutralize the grip of violence in our schools.