Different Types of School Violence

It is a universal truth the most of the people think of school violence in a very vague concept.  They often believe that school violence only involves school shooting.  This is far from the truth since school violence as a very broad meaning behind it.

To be able to identify the different type of school violence, it is imperative that you first understand what school violence really means.  Once you understand the real meaning of school violence, it comes as second nature to easily identify the different types of school violence.  The North Carolina Department for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention defines school violence to be any kind of act or incident that disrupts the school atmosphere and hinders its educational mission.  These acts of violence include but are not limited to the following - turf lines, drug use, physical and verbal actions, etc.

History reveals that past occurrence of school violence has been reported through print and electronic media.  A few of these tragic and most brutal occurrence of school violence happened during the year 1999 when a student went on a shooting spree at Columbia High School, and the Seattle High School “drive-by” incident.

With a general idea as to the meaning of school violence, you will now be able to identify and predict some of the most common types of school violence.  Some of the more common type of school violence are – bringing drugs and other harmful substance to school, vandalism, sexual harassment, fighting and/or assaulting whether it is done inside or outside the school premises, bullying, robbing or stealing, bring deadly weapons and firearms inside the school premises, verbal abuse, etc.

Among all the types of school violence, the most common is fighting and bullying.  Such incidents are even happening in elementary schools.  Students who normally commit this type of school violence have already set their minds that they want to dominate others or just simply annoy them.  Gang rivalry can also be categorized under this type.

Possessing and bringing of illegal drugs to school pose a serious issue for both the school administration and the Federal Department.  Junior members of a gang (normally secondary and senior students) get their supply of drugs from other local members of the gang.

Sexual harassment is a type of school violence that is more common in sub-urban and rural schools.  This type of school violence is clearly the most difficult to handle by any school administration because of its sensitive nature.  As such, to protect the schools name and prestige and also the reputation of its school administration, such occurrence of sexual harassment are censored and kept a secret.

Vandalism is another type of school violence, and most people view it as just drawing graffiti on the wall.  However, vandalism happens when one intentionally damages or completely destroys other people’s properties just for the sake of having fun.

Theft and illegal possession of firearms are among the most common type of school violence.  History reveals that numerous students have been shot dead by other students who possess illegal firearms.

 To correct and lessen the occurrences of school violence, it is important that we first know its root cause and to develop a plan of action in solving the problem.  The most important, and the first thing that we can do is to evaluate the psychological and mental stability of the students and their reasons of behaving as such.