Signs that serves as a warning of impending school violence

In the United States of America, school violence has become such a big problem.  It not only disturbs other children from their studies, it also ruined the calm learning environment of the school.  Students who have violent attitude create various problems in school.  These affect the future of all students in the school.

If spotted early, school violence can be prevented.  Here are some signs that will help you identify if a child is developing a violent attitude:

·         Depression – When a child experiences severe depression, they become frustrated because of the unpleasant feeling that depression brings.  And all these negative feelings will result in a violent outburst of emotion.  If parents or teachers notice that a student is somewhat depressed or down, they should make the effort to check what is causing it.  With proper assistance, a child can learn how to overcome depression, and thus eliminating the chances of a violent outburst.

·         Domestic violence – if a child sees or experiences violence at home, then they will normally think that it is natural.  Parents should avoid fighting with each, shouting and using abusive language at home since a child will pick up on these violent attitudes and will practice such activity at school.

·         Group effect – if a child is part of a group that engages in violent activities, then it is only a matter of time till he develops violent behavior as well.  This is true to the fact that most of what a child does is learned from what their friends do.

·         Fame – being famous is always in the mind of each and every child.  They normally will do anything just to be famous, including acts of violence. 

·         Longing for love and affection – children feel more secure and safe once they know that their parents and teachers love them and care for them.  However, if love and affection is lacking then a child feels vulnerable, rejected and miserable.  To offset these negative emotions, children often result to violent activities.  This not only gives them the security they are looking for, but also a chance that parents will notice them.

·         Weapons – once a student have some kind of weapon in their possession, it might mean that he is engaged in violent activity or is about to do an act of violence.  It is always the best idea to follow that student and confiscate such weapons.  To prevent them from bringing the same in the future, strict actions might be enforced to discourage them from doing the same in the future.

These are the common signs that a violent child will manifest.  It is very important that school violence be prevented.  These kinds of negative attitudes not only affect the child’s future, but it also affects a nation’s growth in a very large way.  Since a nation’s growth is largely dependent on the children, then it comes as to no surprise that children with a negative attitude will only bring a nation down in the future.

Preventing school violence is the duty and responsibility of every body including the whole nation, the teachers, school officials, parents, and students.  With everyone working together, eliminating school violence is not impossible.