The acuteness of the problem of school violence

The problem of school violence is getting severe each day in the US schools. It is a problem that includes troubling teachers, children, school administration, parents and higher authorities. The school students with violent nature prepare their own group and they begin to trouble the students and teachers. They create a violent environment in the school by bullying other students. This is so immense to the level that the other students do not feel like attending the school. They get scared of coming to school.

These violent kids target the teachers along with children. Some of them are violent to the extent that they get weapons and arms to school. Guns and knives are the very common ones. They use such weapons openly in the school and start killing the other children and the teachers. If you are aware of the history of school violence, you might know that these violent school going kids have made an effort to kill other children and school authorities. This biggest event took place in 1999 at Columbine High School, Colorado. Two children Eric Harris and Dylan and Klebold killed a teacher along with twelve other children. In addition, they also injured 23 other children and the school staff.  Lastly, they killed themselves to protect themselves from the entire situation.

The incident of Columbine High School is indeed not an end to school violence in kids. There are many such events taking place wherein the children not even threaten or fear to kill the other children, principal and teachers of the school. However, how justifiable is it to have this type of behavior in the children at such a small school going age? Teachers, parents and the management authorities needs to take some good measures to prevent the occurrence of such problems again and again on a repeated basis. If they fail to take considerable steps to eradicate this problem, this type of behavior would be on the peak in the school going children every day.

Steps to decrease the violent behavior in the kids:

1.      Teachers- teachers need to supervise the activities of the child. If they find any apprehensive act, then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the parents as well as school authorities.

2.      Parents- it is the duty of the parents to observe and keep a record of the activities of their children. If they find out that their child is engaged in any wrong activity, they should immediately talk with them.

3.      Environment- no child is born violent, but the situation around him makes him so. Therefore, the parents should make an effort to offer a healthy, enriching and a comfortable atmosphere to the child where he can grow and progress positively.

4.      Counseling- if you find that teachers and parents are not able to guide or counsel the kid, then it is better to yield professional help. These people are specialized and they are easily brain wash the violent deeds or acts of the child just by mere talking or some simple methods to follow.