School violence- Psychological factors

School violence is one of the raging issues in schools of United States of America. However there is no drop in the rate of school violence. Various measures are taken to solve the problem of school violence. Such violent behavior is not a good sign in any student life. Day by day school violence is increasing at a faster rate. It needs to control or else things might go off hand. So what are the reasons for school violence? Is it the atmosphere at home or in school? Well there are different reasons for every case registered under school violence. Some of the reasons are not even close for a disturbed mind, some of them are so violent at home itself that parents need to keep a check on themselves before blaming the child for such activities. In the United States the law is very strict when it comes to school violence. It has deployed various measures in curbing violence at school.


However even if we abide by the rules there is always a gap or drift through which weak minds slips. These tremors must be sealed at initial stage itself. If they are sealed the futuristic problems won’t arise. When the child is not capable of handling mental pressure he has to let go. If proper guidance is not given in such situations it results to violent behavior. In such situations time plays an important role. If he has mental pressure at home it is obvious that he will let it out in school. Since he is a child he does not have the right sense of depleting mental pressure. He is innocent and does not know the right way to radiate pressure out of his mind. Not only at home but also his friends circle is one of the reasons. If he is having a friends circle that initiate or are dissolved in violent activities its effect can be seen in his behavior. He might not intent but to match his friends he might be involved in violent activities at school. Every school going kid undergoes such kind of behavior. It is his guidance and support from mum and dad which should make him clear this stage. At times lack of love and affection can be one of the reasons for having such violent behavior. Most of the parents in the world think that they are satisfying their children by loving them or buying them toys. Well the duty of a parent does not stop here. They also need to understand his needs and requirements. Mental support should be present at all times. These are situations which should be handled by parents in a sensitive way.


No matter what the reason may be the bottom line to this discussion is good treatment at home. If the child is looked after at home in the required manner there are no chances that he might result in violent behavior. They should be explained with care and respect the consequences of violent behavior at home.