School Violence and its Causes


School violence is one of the major issues at present in the whole of United States of America, probably because of the increased crime rates in the schools of USA. The statistics are quite disturbing because nowhere will you find such a high degree of crimes in the schools. It is very sad to say that United States of America is on the top list in terms of crime rates in schools. Eleven out of a hundred schools in USA have severe violence related problems on an average scale of about fifteen percent. Now what exactly is the cause or the causes for these increased rates of school violence in American schools?
There are many factors which contribute for the onset of school violence and to develop violent attitude in children especially in the United States of America. The lifestyle and standard of living in America is so sophisticated that parents have very little time for their children and most of the children are neglected by parents. Negligence is thus one of the major reasons for children to develop arrogant attitude. They get a feeling that they never belonged to this world and it is not their fault as well. They become reserved and introvert as days goes by and when someone approaches them they are never able to reciprocate in the same manner.
Depression and tension contribute greatly towards developing a violent attitude as well. Children in America are put to work loads like excessive homework, assignments, projects etc that they do not have even a second to take a sigh of relief and ultimately they reach a point of extremity where they lose control over themselves and begins developing hatred towards others. Quite natural for humans though. Then there are the reasons associated with the circle of friends with whom the child mingles, the school atmosphere, effect of media and other forms of entertainment which can be misleading etc.
Circle of friends contribute to violent behavior on a large extent. If the child spends most of his time with a gang of friends who are naughty, haughty and arrogant then your child too has a tendency to develop that attitude. So it is better to avoid your children get into such unhealthy circle of friends. Same way, the school atmosphere does have an impact in school violence. The teachers, the friends around etc does have their share of developing arrogant behavior in children.
Media is another misleading form of entertainment which develops this so called violent behavior in children. The gore, blood and violence depicted in cinemas and TV shows are imprinted in the minds of children and they too try to imitate such acts on their fellow students which are quite natural when adolescence is taken into consideration. Adolescent age is the period when the child is most prone to getting drifted from right track to the wrong path. In the end, all boils down to the atmosphere where the child grows. So it is quite important for the parents and teachers to take necessary care and steps to make your child grow in a healthy environment.