School violence: the causes

School violence is the most appalling problem faced by the schools these days. The kids are becoming violent and thereby causing a disturbance to the other students coming to school. They also impose a number of problems to the school teachers and the principal along with their parents. It has been seen that students get weapons with them such as guns and knives in the school and they try to harn and even kill the teachers, students or any other person. However, what is making them do all this?

Reasons for violent approach amongst the students:

  1. Weapons- weapons are something that are easily available in this era to the children and can be accessed by the children in an illegal way. They do purchase such weapons and try to utilize them in the school to get fame and name.
  2. Atmosphere in the home- if a kid is deprived of a good environment at his home place, then there are great chances of him becoming violent. If they see that their parents keep on fighting continuously for no reason, beat each other, then they develop similar attitudes in mind and learn the same.
  3. Anxiety and stress- there are possibilities that an individual may get violent due to anxiety and stress. They are many times, under continuous stress, may be career problems, or studies or any other reason.
  4. Depression- if a kid is under depression, then also there are chances of him getting violent and he may showcase this violence in the school.
  5. Effects of media- this is one of the biggest reason spoiling the kids on a regular basis. A lot of violence is broadcasted in TV shows and cinemas. Kids see such programs and try to imitate the same in their real life. They observe violent scenes in media such as usage of guns and knives to kill the other person and hence, try to practice it in reality.
  6. No counseling- if a child does not get proper counseling, affection and love, then there are higher possibilities of him to become violent.
  7. Effect of the group- the child’s group plays a vital role in molding his behavior. They generally get violent, if someone in the group has got violent. If one of all of his friends is violent, then he learns the same and hence expresses the same in the school.
  8. Lack of guidance or support in difficult times- each one of us go through a difficult time in life. If, at this period, he does not receive proper guidance or care, then the possibilities of getting violent are high. Children cannot solve problems or take decisions on their own and this is quite an irritating task for them.

All the above mentioned reasons are accountable for a violent behavior in the child. Therefore, it is the role of the teachers, parents as well as the schools to consider these factors and take proper care of the child and serve him in times of difficulty to avoid such problems.