Films encouraging violence on school campuses

There are lots of movies which have very violent content in them and they finally end up promoting violence in the minds of the students and kids. They see their heroes do all the violent stuff on screen done by their favourite stars and feel that doing the same thing in real life is fun and there is nothing wrong about it. These films are not only affecting the children in a bad way but are also affecting their career and that results in spoiling of the future of the other kids as well, who become victims of this crime.


Movies instigate the feeling of violence in children by glorifying them and also making them learn new ways of creating violence. The problem is that weapons are available very easily in America and people over the age of eighteen use this to their advantage and create havoc in schools. The reason being children are not able to differentiate between the right and the wrong and if violence looks attractive, then they will take up that as well. The teachers and students know that most of the kids resort to violence because it is the easiest way to attain fame and popularity in school.


Students being able to exhibit violence in school put a huge question mark on the image and the school and also their credibility. So, the school must take appropriate action to save their image and reputation. The teachers, whereas, should interact with the students and tell them that the things they are doing is very wrong and what kind of impact it would have on their lives. This would make them think about the consequences and its impact on their future.


There is no medicine in the world which one swallowed can bring down violence in school. The only medicine is showing love, affection and care towards these violent students. This should be realised by the parents, teachers and the school authorities and they must implement such measures and if the you think that the kid is still doing the same thing, then they should be taken to those psychiatrists and counselors who will help you deal with these issues of the students in the most effective manner and also solve them properly. These counselors do such things for their living and they should be completely relied upon as they are good at it.


The parents should put restrictions on children watching movies and TV shows which have lot of violent content in them. Instead they should promote the watching of movies which are informative and impart knowledge as they would not only make your kid learn new things but is also fun to watch. That knowledge would come in very handy in grooming these kids in the right way and that right grooming would be very helpful in getting them a wonderful future. So it is the duties of the parents to supervise their kids and keep them under their watchful eyes when they are at home alone.