Root Cause of School Violence

School violence is increasing in an alarming rate all around the world. Most of the parents are concerned over their child’s security while at school. The situation turned worse in recent years as many schools are falling prey to this activity. Parents are blaming school authorities for the lack of control over the students but they do not know that they are also related in this activity indirectly. Parents should be asked if they are giving the proper attention to their child. Are they loving and caring their child properly? Parents should and must play a vital role in order to stop this violence in school and also to teach their child to follow a healthy life style.


A child should be suggested to make friends with positive attitude as a child’s friend circle might relate on how the child is behaving with others. Friends both in school and the neighborhood play equal parts in turning a child’s behavior. Depending on his/her friend circle a child can turn into a violent or calm person. If a child has friends who bully other fellow schoolmates in school then he will also have the intention of developing that certain skill from hi/her friends. Similarly, friends in the neighborhood who are rugged can also make him/her teach to be a violent child. That is why parents should take importance in a child’s decision in choosing the appropriate friend circle as it plays an important and vital part in a child’s life as he is growing up. They should also keep an eye on the child even after warning to meet particular friends as they indeed to go back. He/she should be warned and discussed about the harmful effect they will have softly.


Another cause for students to gain arrogant attitude is by punishments in school. Teachers should teach students properly and also correct their mistakes. They should also punish students for improper conducts within the school ground. But teachers should not use severe punishments as these might hurt the students permanently by mentally damaging them. These kinds of punishments create arrogance and hatred towards the teacher and also the students who prefer the teacher.


There are also many other factors which effect the child in developing the factors such as the surrounding environment surrounding the child. Many violent movies, television series which have high violence, the internet and also many more are considered as factors which may cause to divert a young child as they tend to learn what they see by imitating them. Violent movies content scenes which could make him/her do things with the help of his/her friends or change the mindset of the child. As movies have great impact on children, so parents should be cautious about letting their child watch certain movies that are less violent and also to see that they are not moved by the movies they are allowed to watch.


So parents and teachers should co-operate with each other, in order to teach their children the right thing, so that he/she can make better judgments for themselves in the future.