These days, children learn the acts of violence at a very tender age and when they grow up, these violence thoughts naturally manifest it. It is demonstrated in form of rape, killings, bullying and hooliganism and thuggery in their various schools. School violence in the United States of America is growing like a whirlwind thereby grip the nation with atmosphere of worry and anxiety. To the parents, principals, teachers and students, the issue has become a nightmare.


Amongst the numerous factor responsible for ever increasing school violence, movies and TV shows are integral part. Nowadays, most films, movies and game shows in the market are violent loaded. These vary from war films to horror films, killings and burglars, handling of new weapons, the list are endless. Having mastered the usage of different weapons and the acts of killings, they go a step further to acquire such weapons. Ignorantly, they fail to know that going into such direction is on open invitation to destruction and untimely death.


Unfortunately, children are exploring the nonchalant attitude of the American government towards weapon acquisition to their detriments. The United State of America being a free world has left the control of arms and ammunition of uncared for, for so long that is why the school children are competing the superiority of who has what individual arsenal. The shameful and mindless, massacres in Columbia High School, Bath School and Virginia Tech open day war among our students are the pointer to the gravity of the evil we are talking about.


Recall that as we have identified the immortal films, TV show and video games as the cause of student violence, we cannot but mention the effects alongside. As many students have practically lost sight on moral value in exchange for their unethical movies, erroneously thought that the cheapest way to get fame is through arm struggle and rascality. Hence, the parents and teachers are called to help in this regard in changing the orientation of our children.


Lastly, government should promulgate a law that censors films that goes for public consumption since children are the future of every responsible nation. More coordinated efforts are needed to help in reshaping the focus and destiny of our school children. These school children should rather be encouraged to watch films that will add to and improve their knowledge bank in preparation for tomorrow leadership.