What to Do If a School Mate Has a Weapon

Finding out that someone in your school has a weapon can be very scary whether you think that person would ever use it or not. No matter what, having a weapon is not okay and it’s something that needs to be reported before it’s too late. A weapon can be anything that might cause harm, such as a knife, gun, explosives or anything else. Some kids may bring a weapon simply to show off and nothing more, but that doesn’t mean that the risk of catastrophe isn’t there. Not every child or teen that has a weapon is going to use it, but they might. And, accidents can happen and improper handling of the gun could lead to someone getting hurt or killed which is why you should report it regardless of whether it’s a friend of yours or not.

You may be afraid to report that someone in your school is carrying a weapon and that’s understandable. You don’t want to lose a friend or be responsible for getting them into trouble or you may even be scared that they’ll find out it was you who reported it and come after you. But, not reporting it could result in someone getting seriously injured or even dying and that is far worse than getting in trouble. You have the power to prevent something like that simply by telling a trusted adult about what you’ve seen.

The first thing that you need to do if you see someone with a weapon of any kind is report it to an adult who can take care of it.  Make sure that you get away from the person with the weapon even if they are your friend and you believe that they would never hurt you on purpose. Report it to a teacher or parent and if you’re really afraid of getting caught, then try to call the police anonymously. They won’t make you reveal your identity if you don’t want to and will still take the incident seriously and send someone to deal with it. No matter how you report it just know that you’re doing the right thing for yourself, other students and even the student with the weapon who might otherwise do something dangerous to themselves or others.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is using a weapon in your school then you need to do whatever you can to remove yourself from the situation and get to safety. If you can, then run until you find a safe place or hide where they can’t find you and stay there until a trusted adult says that it’s safe to come out. And again, do what you can to report a weapon or violence to the authorities as long as it’s safe.