How to Deal With Being Bullied

You may feel like you’re alone if you’re being bullied at school and it may be hard to imagine that anyone else knows what you’re going through, but the truth is that there are millions of students being bullied in this world. The fact that a bully has chosen to pick on you is not your fault and often has nothing to do with you at all. As much as the bully may insult you and call you names, the reality is that bullying usually stems from something they are dealing with at home or in their own lives. This of course doesn’t make it oaky for someone to bully you.

If you’re being picked on and threatened by someone in your school there are a few things that you can do. Use these tips to help in dealing with bullying.

Tell Someone: You may think that by reporting the bullying to a parent or teacher will make things worse but often times an adult can be helpful in dealing with bullying and help you without the bully in question ever knowing you reported them. You may not want to be ‘a snitch’ or ‘a rat’, but telling someone is often the best way to help you deal with a bully.

Ignore Them: It may seem easier said than done, but since bullies thrive on reaction and getting a rise out of the person they pick on, ignoring them and walking away gives them little to go after. If you don’t give in and give them the reaction they’re itching for, often times they’ll just move on and leave you alone.

Avoid Getting Violent: As tempting as it may be to physically attack your bully you really are better off to avoid fighting back with violence. Just like with the point mentioned above, your reaction is what the bully thrives on and getting violent will only aggravate the situation and make them want to bother you even more. And, since there is no way to predict how the bully will react, you could be setting yourself up to get seriously hurt. Refraining from physically fighting a bully doesn`t make you weak. It makes you better than them and keeps you from setting yourself up for more problems.

The Buddy System: If a bully is threatening violence then you should make a point of avoiding being alone in the presence of the bully. A bully is less likely to attack you physically if you are with others so make sure you walk to and from school with a friend or two and avoid being alone during breaks or recess or any other time where your bully may try to pick a fight with you.