Ways by which Students can help in preventing School Violence

School violence is on the rise and has reached an alarming state. Many steps are being undertaken in order to avoid such fateful incidences. Early detection of a student’s behavior can prevent a serious incident from happening.


Newspapers often show us cases of school violence. We often hear news about students beating and fighting with each other, getting violent and aggressive after having an argument over petty issues and in some cases, guns being carried by students and fire opened at one and all ultimately killing each other. What is the reason behind such happenings? The student himself is the answer to this question. The student himself must be depressed due to various reasons like quarrel at home with parents, low marks in examinations, bullying by gangs or other students, falling into a bad company and then taking drugs and many other reasons. The resentment and anger within the student’s body keep on growing which ultimately comes out in some violent form. Proper steps must be taken in order to avoid school violence. Taking proper steps on time will ensure the menace to be tackled and eradicated completely.


Involving all the students in the school is very essential in order to bring the school violence down. Seminars regarding anger management should be organized time to time in the schools. Once the students are trained to deal with anger effectively, then incidences of school violence can be controlled to a large extent.


The teachers must make sure that they push the students towards each other to bond well and also to take care of the other students. In case a student notices a behavioral change in another student then he must immediately inform the teacher about the change. Following are some of the changes which should be noticed by the observing student:

·         A student is carrying a low mood for many days together

·         A student shows a sign of depression and stops speaking like he used to do before.

·         A student is carrying weapons in any form in the school

·         A student notices another student or a bunch of students acting as bullies and harassing the others.

·         A student sees another student fighting over petty issues or behaving in an aggressive manner.

·         A student is taking any substance of abuse or drugs.


Students can prove to be the best informers if they sense something fishy among the other students in the school. In case a student notices another student behaving in an odd manner then he must immediately inform the school authorities about it so that appropriate and timely action can be taken before something unfortunate occurs.


A student should inform the parents of his friend if he notices any change in his friend’s behavior over a long time. Only then the parents will come to know if the child is going through a depressed phase or has fallen into a bad company. If the reason behind the behavioral change is detected early, then the student behaving strangely can be counseled and given proper treatment.


Many a times it is seen that children don’t listen to their parents but pay heed to their friends words. This is more often seen in grown up children. So, if a student sees that his/her friend is going in the wrong direction then the student should try his level best to convince his/ her friend as to avoid that way. The student must also explain the fatal consequences to his/ her friend.