Ten different ways in which students can contribute against violence in school

Violence in school is basically the attacks carried out by students on their fellow students to vent out their anger and depression. The students are becoming extremely aggressive because of the kind of competition and peer pressure they go through. And as a result, cases of violence are also going up in school.


The following are some of the ways in which school violence could be checked:


  • Know problems and solve them: It is important that students do no keep their problems with them and share them to get solutions. But some students just do not reveal their problems. So it becomes imperative that their friends try to find out their friends difficulties and share it with the teachers and elders.
  • Let them know the consequences of violence: One must let the kid know the side effects of violent behaviour. And if a fellow student communicates that to the other violent children, then it would be even better as kids try to listen more to what their friends say rather than what their elders say.
  • Co-operate with them: If students find company in their teachers and friends, then it no longer is a difficulty for them to solve their problems and other issues and that to without causing harm to someone else. The fellow student should also be taught to co operate with the violent students and not get scared of them.
  • Do some meditating: With the help of meditation sessions, the kids would be able to soothe their feelings and relax their mind which in turn would not let them indulge in violence.
  • Develop new activities: With the help of new activities, children become very busy with things and are no longer stressed. The new activity might not only keep the kid engaged but will also improve its creative skills. So these activities can to a very huge extent bring down the violent behaviour of the kids. And therefore, every parent should try to inculcate new interests in their children.
  • Prohibit violent video games: The friends of the kids can help their friends by telling them not to indulge in violent games and instead play some games based on sports and fun.
  • Report quickly: If a student sees that his fellow student is indulging in any violent activity or showing signs of indulging in violence, then they should immediately bring that to the authorities of the school.
  • Doubtful materials: If at all a student sees any doubtful or suspicious material with the student or in the bags of the student, then they should immediately bring that to the notice of the school authorities.
  • Help them with their academics: There are at times when students really get stressed and violent when they are not able to concentrate on their studies. During such times, it is the duty of the fellow student to help the othe student with their studies.
  • Help form outside sources: If the student feels that the kind of stress and problems the fellow student is something that he cannot do anything about, then he should seek help from external sources like counselors, psychiatrists, etc.