What students can do to control the school violence?

The reality television shows are increasing day by day showing the use of abusive language and riots on the television. Children tend to learn from these shows faster. Also there are shows such as world wide wrestling and other action sports like boxing and other forms of the sports are being imitated by the children and hence this is the first step to the violence. They tend to display what they have learned seeing these shows and they do that in the schools. Not just these show, the role of the place where are students are coming from also plays a major role in the change of behaviour of the children in the schools. There parents might be violent and do not give enough love and care to the kid that they deserve and are in need of it. This would easily increase the negative emotions in a child and tend to increase frustration and results in the violent behaviour in schools.


The contribution of the students is utmost important in curbing the school violence and their help is very much necessary. Workshops to reduce negative emotions in the students can help in curbing the school violence. There should be anger management classes and other workshops to help manage violent behaviour. The role of teachers as well as parents is important in working on this deed. These workshops would teach the student about how to focus on the positive points and how to help themselves from falling in any sort of depression.


Moral values of love and friendship are important and hence the students should be trained on these values. When any student is getting involved with any other gang of students who are not having a good record or if they are found being aggressive and using drugs in the campus,  showing violent behaviour against teachers and other children, then it is important to let the school official know about this as it can be dangerous to other students. Further action would be taken by the school authorities in stopping the violence.


Students in the schools should not be taught to differentiate between status of their families and every child should be treated in similar way. Every child should be able to mingle with everyone else in the school and that there should be team building activities to get to know other students in the school better.


Parents should be informed of the happenings in the school so that they can take care of their kids. The other children should be able to pass on the information to parents and parents in turn should not be rude in handling such cases. They should be handles with lot of care and love. If a topper is falling back in the studies and showing frustrated behaviour at times, it can be sensed as a type of threat. School authorities can also be informed of the same along with informing to the parents. The necessary strict action can be taken accordingly.