Students being the sustainer and future of any country, whatsoever that can constitute hindrance to their studies therefore is as well a threat to the future and the sustainability of that country in question. School violence, logically speaking, should therefore be seeing as such and all efforts should be made to combat the growing evil.


One should not wonder long how to tackle the social menace neither does anyone need a soothsayer to tell you the most suitable method in dealing with this. Is the solution within the reach of either teacher or parents? Does student has any input in this preventive measure? Is the government or the society concerned? The logical answer to all the question is that curbing student violence is a joint efforts and it required all the mentioned. Meanwhile, curbing violence, the right roles of student as one of the stakeholder will be listed as follows:


1.     Do not stigmatize:   Naturally speaking, there is tendency that those students prone to violence can be isolated. Doing so can cause more harm than good not only to the students in question, but also to the fellow students and the society at large. Rather, they should see them as colleagues who know they can change for better.


2.          Students are enjoyed show concern: Students can help to douse tension within the school let the student culprits be shown love and assistance in his/her academics and many other area that may lead to their progress.


3.          Information Dissemination:   Because of their relative closeness and information relationship, the students are encouraged to divulge information on suspicious movements and activities to the appropriate authority. Doing this will enable the school authority and government to prompt any violence occurrence.


4.          Security guards and metal detector: Student can politely talk to the school management on the need to brace up security through a well equipped security guards and installation of metal detector.


Conflict resolution and management classes:  Students can do themselves a lot of good by purposefully attending these seminars when the opportunity comes up. So much will be learnt in the class.


Following the listed points above, violence in our schools will be discouraged.