How can students put a full stop to violence in school?

School violence should be looked at very seriously. It is not only become threatening for the students but also for the parents and teachers of these students. It is something to do with the country as students are the ones who are going to be the leaders of the country in the future. Therefore, it is important that school violence is not taken very lightly and is being eradicated at the earliest.


Now every one must be thinking after having said all these things, how does one get rid of school violence? The solution probably is not very far way but lies within us. If the kids, parents and teachers come together and decide to eradicate this problem then this can be brought to a halt. The following are some of the things that the student can do to stop violence in school:


  • Mutual support and understanding: Fellow students can help their friends who have problems with their violent attitude. They can assist them in things which are concerning them like studies. This will help the student concentrate on studies and not indulge in violence.


  • Do not let the students be alone: Fellow students should ensure that they do not let their friends all by themselves. The kids that become violent are mostly who have very less friends or company for them.


  • Getting counselors for them: If the students think that they are not able to solve the problems of their friends themselves, then they should get some help of counselors and psychiatrists. A counselor would be finding it very easy to get into the minds of the kids and solve their problems if there are any.


  • Supervision: Keeping an eye on the students can help in keeping check of their violent behaviour. And while keeping an eye on the students, the fellow students smell suspicious activity, then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the management. The management will be able do something about the violence if the are given reports on a timely basis.


  • Let them know the consequences of being violent: Fellow students should tell their friends about the consequences of violence. They must make them realise that it is not only them but also the future and image of their parents and their entire family would be taken for a toss because of this violence. And if the students realize their mistakes, then they refrain from such activities.


  • Report the names of the students who carry arms to school: If a student finds his friends with violence creating objects like weapons or guns then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the management. This would help the management to do something about it.


  • Students if necessary bring up the idea of metal detectors to their teachers and the management as that would be easy to detect or find out students with arms and weapons. Such initiatives would definitely help bring down violence.    


If these things are followed by students, then they can definitely bring a halt to violence in school.