The Roles of Center for Disease Control in Preventing School Violence

The school violence incidence in recent times has taken a very serious dimension, for the cases reported by the media are terrifying. The cases are so terrifying that students become scared to go to school, while others that do go are extremely scared such that their concentration is lost. This will clearly affect the academic progress of the child. However, hands are not folded to watch the menace as it grows larger and larger. For instance, the American Center for Disease Control is already doing something.  

The American Center for Disease Control, though a health oriented in nature, it is also responsible for dealing with cases to do with delinquency. The center has a unique approach to the way it solves the problem of school violence. The method they use is explained below.


The strategy involves four steps and they are as follows.


Describe the problem: The first thing to do is to understand the nature of the problem with a view to knowing the best way to tackle it. There is the need to assess the available data of previous occurrence. Violent behaviors and related cases are examined thoroughly; injuries and deaths are all issues to be studied. The programs and policies of the immediate community of the school should be clearly understood.


Understand risk and how to avoid it: The center then looks into the danger areas, where it examines the actual reasons for the problem. What is that thing that put their life at risk? They should find out. In the same vein the factors that give them protection should be understood so that tackling the problem will be an easy task.


Create Action Plans for Prevention: Here, the information obtained from all stake holders, and the risk factors as well as protection factors examined earlier come into play, where they are used in formulating strategy of prevention as well as policies and programs. Try to give the strategy so created a test to see whether they can work as well as they are expected to or not.


Implementation of the Strategy: After testing the formulated strategy, it is now time to implement it. The strategy should be made known to all stake holders, and the use should be enforced strictly. To ensure that the strategy gain popularity and are generally used simply reproduce and translate the information accumulated. Effective means of communication and networking are implementing strategy that helped a great deal. Regular review of the strategy and the results the implementation produced allow strict adherence to the ideals of the strategy.


These are the ways the American Center for Disease and Control tackles virtually all problems to do with the health of the people, including cases of school violence. You may apply the strategy to prevent school violence in your school, for though they are designed to solve the United State’s school violence problem, they are, nevertheless, designed to work anywhere. Best of luck as you give the strategy a try, and wishing you violence free school.