Institutional programs for prevention of school violence

Cases of violence in schools are proving to be such a hazard in the recent period and are proving to be a great problem for the state too. For a country to be at the top and free from violence, activities such as school violence must be stopped at once. This does not only cause harm to the parents and teachers but also to other students as well. Hence, to be able to give a proper image and brighter future to the school and the country, each institution should have strict measures, which are worth adopting in trying to prevent school violence.


The school management should have proper means of dealing with school violence cases. Such measures may include acquisition of good facilities for guards at the entrance of the school and installation of metal detectors for them to use in detecting any weapons such as guns, knives and pistol. These kinds of weapons should not be allowed in schools and restrictions should be made on the use of such weapons. If any case is reported to the management, it is its duty to take proper actions against the child.


Children are the future leaders of our country and play a vital role when it comes to building the country’s future. If a nation is interested in development, then it must put a spotlight on the activities that children are involved in order to improve on the children’s behavior.  Regular meetings should be arranged by the school administration and teachers in order to monitor the student’s habits. The meetings should involve both the children and their parents and discussions on how to understand the child’s behavior should be openly talked about.


 Training of teachers should also be arranged regularly by the institutions involved in order to avoid violent behavior portrayed by the students.  Understanding the nature of the child and knowing ways to handle them on basis of each child’s requirements should be taught. It should be made clear on how to deal with issues like a violent child dealing with a great quantity of stress or depression.


On the other hand, meditation classes should be arranged in schools in order to get rid of any signs of depression and stress. One can relax her /his mind by thinking deeper through this way. It requires a lot of practice because it is a blend of different religions. School violence can be prevented using many ways. For example, a school should arrange classes on anger management and conflict management. These assist a student in learning how to solve problems related to anger management and interact with others.


Appointment of a psychiatrist or a good counsel should be done by the school management. The counselor is in a position to understand the problems of the child and hence gives the appropriate answer on the issue. When a student is full of stress or any other type of problem, the counselor can then guide her/him on career, personal and social issues. Therefore, it is very important for the school to appoint qualified professionals so that they prevent all kinds of violence in institutions