School Violence and ways to combat it

School violence cases are registered every day and the number is increasing drastically. A safe and secure environment is mostly preferred by the parents to send their children to the schools. It is now one of the hot topics of discussion these days and efforts are made to decrease this number. School officials, parents and other students in the campus play a role in combating violence in schools.  The following steps when taken can reduce problems related to the violence to a great extent.

  • Though there are security guards manning the campus and checking on the behaviour of the students, it is important that the teachers are also contributing in curbing violence. Teachers should have an eye on the students even after the schools hours and give possible help in checking on the students during the breaks at the cafeterias and other places in the campus.
  • Any act of bullying of the students in the campus if spot by the teacher, the teacher should advise the students on this and let them know that such actions won’t be tolerated by the campus and that the students might get suspended for these.
  • Parents should be informed as soon as any signs of aggression are encountered. Proper counselling of the students and one on one session with the parents and teachers can help identify the problem of the student and it would be easy to work on the issue then.
  • Some students are timid in their behaviour and such types of characters are often targeted by most students for bullying and having fun. If anyone is found being bullied, that should be reported to the school officials immediately.
  • The security camera should be hidden and should be able to cover each and every corner of the campus. In this way the area would be completely covered and every activity would be recorded for further action. Places such as bathrooms where cameras cannot reach, security guard’s presence would be of great help.
  • Workshops and special training on how to manage emotions would be an effective way to reduce problems related to the school violence. The teacher should identify some students based on their previous records and the way they are behaving in the class to attend the workshop and the training. Students who does not open up easily and find difficulty in expressing themselves would be ideal for these workshops. It would give them the necessary strength in facing the stress and other negative emotions.
  • Discussing the everyday activities with the parents would also help to a great extent. If there is any block in the thoughts of the children, parents would be able to easily identity the problem and work accordingly. It is the fore most responsibility of the parents to find out what their child is up to and how to help kids overcome depression. It is important to talk to the kids and make them feel comfortable in going to school and get educated.