Whatsoever acts calculated to injure students and or their teaches is known as school violence. In one way or the other, hardly can one read the newspaper or listen to the news without making reference relating to this so called school violence. It is regrettable that most people, either pretends as if all is normal or ignore such news even as it increases at an alarming rate.


Gone are those days when students go to school to diligently learn and study, these days the reverse is now the case. In the present days, many are in schools for different ulterior motives. As some nuisance among them are making some calculated effort to kill, harm and destroy, his or her colleagues and teachers, many other innocent ones are aiming to learn and increasing in learning daily. Until the reasons behind this ugly incidence is accurately traced out, prevent might not be easily perfected.


With increasing daily new developments, every responsible parent enjoys and proud of their children to be the best. Worse still, some students are even expected to perform far above their gifted capacities by their various parents. This has therefore created unhealthy competition among these children. These imposed pressures have therefore degenerated in stress and depression. The unbearable pressure had lead many to commit suicide or harming his colleagues and teacher as the possible way out.


Ironically, as parents pressurized students to violent, same parents can still be a timely bridge as agent of restorations to their kids. With love and care, parents are in the best position to set their expectations according to the natural capacity of the children. Human beings including children are not equally gifted on same thing. The weakness of one in one area is the strength of another and vis-à-vis. Parents need to be aware that if a child is somehow weak in a particular area, it does not make him/her a complete failure, because that will be compensated in another area. Rather than exerting force, there are many other subtle methods parents can apply to assist their kids. They can learn through interactive games or TV programs. It is believed that children learn faster with what they see demonstrated than what they hear. They hence find interactive games and TV programs more interesting and as such their most difficult school assignments could be solving through this medium.


Besides, teachers can as well contribute meaningfully to the issue at stake since students spend most of their time in schools. In those hours, teachers are temporal parents, guardian and companions. They can maximize the time to instill moral and social values into them in addition to their academic. Teachers are advised to be more caring and tenderly in order to enhance their assimilation. When teachers are disliked by the students, it cancels out whatsoever he/she teaches in the mind of the students.


If everyone takes up the responsibility to assisting the children in one way or the other, the issue of school violence will be completely stopped in our nation.