Punishment for school violence


If you are directly or indirectly suffering from the problem of school violence then it is sure you must be very keen to know the solution of this problem. It is true that school violence is one such curse that is affecting life of every citizen of every country. Thus it is very important to stop school violence in order to see the growth of any country.
It is a noteworthy fact that when a student harms his teachers or colleagues then the whole school gets affected as well.  As it is the question of future of various other students studying in the school, it is very important to keep a check on such activities. So now the most important question that must be arising in your mind would be how to stop such serious problem? The solution to school violence is not in the hands of just one such person rather in the hands of each and every person related to students.
The biggest responsibility for stopping school violence is on the school administration. As these activities take place largely in schools, so the first step should be taken by the school authorities to stop it. They must look for provisions like employing good security guards, tight security checks through the use of metal detectors and severe punishment in case a student is found guilty for committing school violence.  
It is important to note that if school authorities maintain discipline in the schools then such type of activities would get stopped. For this the schools should take pre as well as post measures for getting rid of the problem of school violence. For instance proper checking should be done at the gate to find out if anyone is having weapon. If someone is found carrying any type of weapon then he should be immediately taken to the school administration for undertaking strict action against him.
The school administration then must take strict action like expelling that student from the school and reporting the matter to his parents. Also for the first time, the school authorities can give warning to the student trying to do violence in school. However if he is found guilty for the second time then the matter can even be reported to police. Thus it is after the active participation of school authorities in stopping school violence that this problem can be solved.
As a preventive measure, the best way to prevent violent activities in school is through the appointment of counselor or psychiatrist. A counselor can better understand the problem of students and can provide the correct remedy for the difficulty of students.
Also proper love and affection should be given in the schools initially in order to prevent school violence but sometimes if the matter is found to be severe then some hard actions should also be taken in these activities.  All this can help a lot in finding the solution against this severe problem. It is important to note that children are more or less like an earthen pot, so it is the duty of all to give the right shape to them in the beginning only.