Ten steps that will bring a permanent halt to violence in school

Violence in schools has been on a rise in the schools of Unites States of America and it has been troubling all, right from the students to the teachers and to the parents. The whole country is getting affected by it and it can be a huge obstacle for the country’s development in the future too.


The following are the ten things that one can do to prevent school violence:


  1. Continuous supervision: The parents should be with the kids and try to spend some quality time with them. This would help them understand their children better and also keep a check on their notorious activities.
  2. Get some counseling help: Some counseling could be done in school as these counsellors would be able to get into the minds of the children and understand them better thereby helping in keeping them away from trouble.
  3. Develop friendship: Parents are the closest to any kid and they are the ones who really shape the future of the kids. It would be even better if they get closer and become friends with them as it will help in kids sharing more secrets and intimate things with them.
  4. Teachers’ help and guidance: Teachers are the second closest to kids after their parents as kids spend half of their day in school. Teachers should be trained in such a way by the school authorities that they would be able to educate children and make them understand the ill effects of violence and how it can affect their future. 
  5. Give love and warmth: Love is the only way through which one can get into someone else’s heart and also cure the violent behaviour of the person. Parents and teachers should also use this tool to remove the idea of violence from the minds and hearts of their children.
  6. Access to arms: Nowadays, guns and pistols are available easily and can be accessed by children very easily too. These kids take advantage of this situation and use them against their friends and teachers in schools. Such violent activities can be brought to halt if stricter rules are brought relating to guns and their usage by adults and kids.
  7. Popularity: Most of the kids get into such activities thinking that it would make them famous and popular quickly. It is the duty of the parents here to make them understand that violence is not the right way to attain fame and there are much better and legal ways to attain that popularity.
  8. Inculcate other interests: Parents in order to deviate the minds of the kids should expose them to different activities like singing, dancing, music, etc. This will not only hone their talents but will also not give them time to think about evil.
  9. Compliment: Parents and teachers should compliment their kids from time to time for the good things that they do which would make them realise that it is good to do things which are nice and praiseworthy.
  10. Relationships: Friends are the ones who motivate your kids a lot. It is very important that your kids are in good company and surrounded by wonderful people as this would evoke good thoughts in the children and will also help them solve some problems of theirs which they have not been able to do for quite some time.  


Following these ten steps can make the kids life violence free and they would be able to concentrate more on their future.