School violence issue for students

School violence is a terrible issue for parents, teachers and school but for other school students it is a painful and dreadful issue. Children who are having violent behavior in the school trouble other students a lot. They bully them, fight with them, beat them and hurt them by using dreadful weapons like knives and guns. As a result other school students get afraid of them and they don’t feel like going to school.

Violent children disturb the whole atmosphere of the school. They are not only troubling students but to the teachers as well. They show their violent behavior towards teachers and principals. There have been cases in the history where violent activities of children have taken the death of students, principals and teachers.

Violent behavior can be reduced but it can only be done by adopting proper measures. These measures are-

• Counseling- teachers know children a lot. So it is the duty of the teachers to give proper and effective counseling to the child who is showing such kind of behavior. If required then teacher should counsel the parents as well.
• Weapons- strict policy should be made by the school against weapons and children are not allowed to carry any kind of dangerous things to school.
• Strict laws- strict laws should be there for the children who are having gun with him/her.
• Guards- guards of the school should check students and their bags and lockers regularly. Any kind of weapon or any other dangerous thing if seen, then it should be reported to the management.
• Care- proper care should be given by teachers, parents and school. By providing affection this kind of absurd behavior can be reduced easily.
• Media- movies and television shows should avoid showing large amount of violence in films and serials. Too much violence in the films, TV shows, video games and music videos incurs violent behavior in children as well. Parents and teachers should also keep a check on the kinds of the films, games and TV shows children are watching.
• Internet- large numbers of websites are available on the internet that is providing information about this violent behavior. So one can seek help from these web sites. For seeking their help you don’t have to go anywhere just login on the internet and search on Google.
• Psychiatrists - they are the masters of child psychology and they can help a lot in reducing the child’s violent behavior. So schools and parents should seek their help.

There is no medicine available in the market that can bring down the violent nature of the child. It can only be done by adopting above measures and by giving love and affection to the children. Children tend to fall into such kind of activity if they do not get proper attention, guidance and love.  So give your child proper comfort, affection and love as this will enhance his/her future and career.